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Who We Are

At Remedy Plus, we manufacture a full range of cannabis edibles and products that are safe, reliable and effective. We utilize supercritical CO2 extraction to produce high quality cannabis edibles and vaping concentrates. We are committed and work hard every day to meet these exceptional standards to create medicinal and adult market cannabis products.


At Remedy Plus we believe in the power of good, the power to inspire with simple products that do what they say. We choose to live the Remedy lifestyle putting out good energy everyday. Since 2012, we have built the number 1 edibles company in California with more than 40 edible options and more CO2 extracted products than any other company in California. We put care in everything we do which has been the main reason for our more then 98% of our business coming from a repeat Remedy customer who chooses to live the Remedy lifestyle daily.  Remedy Plus, making the world a better place one piece at a time!


We are in the business for one reason, to provide the best products in our industry! We have been in business since 2012 and have consistently delivered top quality products to our customers. We are always researching and creating new products to extend our product line.


Remedy Plus has set the Gold Standard in medical cannabis products and edibles for the past five years.

The best edibles company in the market

Why Remedy Plus

  • While most Edible companies are advertising the % of THC in their oil, here at Remedy Plus we asked what was the % of THC that makes it into your blood stream. With this, we are proud to say our proprietary CO2 extraction process that preserves all fats and lipids by extracting in the temperature range of 0 to = 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We then take and put it together with a 8 day process from start to end, which gives us the ability to never exceed 180 degrees in the kitchen. This insures you are getting everything you are expecting.
  • It all starts with the farmers we work with who nurture, harvest, dry and trim the organic products we use to meet our high expectations. This is achieved without the utilization of any unnatural chemical-based products like pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers in their gardens.
  • At Remedy Plus, we pride ourselves by never using any harmful or dangerous chemicals such as butane or propane in our extraction process. It has and will continue to be our standard internally, morally and ethically. We have always used CO2 extraction to ensure the highest quality product without any harmful chemicals or solvents.
  • You get all the goodness in every drop, with nothing added, and nothing taken away. You can taste the difference, the commitment and the desire in which we create our medicinal and adult market cannabis products.
  • Consistent availability that our customers can count on year round
  • All electronics including batteries, chargers and atomizers meet ROHS standards
  • We produce all of our own products and do not use a 3rd party lab or brokers. This insures our products are reliable while controlling our costs
  • We love what we do.

Why CO2 Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is the process of separating one component (the extractant) from another (the matrix) using supercritical fluids as the extracting solvent. This process has been used around the world for many years most commonly used in precious oils for fragrance or in eastern medicine. The process is simply amazing as it produces pure cannabis oil without having to use any solvents or chemicals of any kind.


  • CO2 extraction allows compounds to be extracted with little damage and low toxicity resulting in flavorful terpenes and pure cannaboids
  • The end product is raw, pure and without residual solvents making it a truly organic option for our customers
  • The process provides superior taste, fragrance and effect due to our ability to preserve terpenes during our extraction process which is done below 0 degrees.

We love our work and we show it!

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