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For the past several years I’ve struggled with sleep and the lack of it. A friend of mine referred me to RemedyPlus’s gummies and every night I’ll eat 3 and sleep like a baby. The best part is they taste good and don’t leave me groggy in the morning. My wife swears by the CBD products for her back pain as well. 

Chris Lucero

Long time fan of the Remedy Plus Cbd line. I met the team at a small event and they gave me free samples to try. After trying them, I was sold!

I normally get the gummies, lotion, and pain balm. The gummies are bomb and work very well. Great for anxiety and stressed caused by rush hour stop n go California traffic. I use the lotion on my face and hands. It’s cleared up my dry skin in almost 3 days of use. The pain balm helps my sore shoulder and neck. I have my girlfriend rub it on my neck then I sit with an ice pack on it. Takes the inflammation and pain down from a 10 to a 3.

It’s been great for my pinched nerves as well!

Family oriented company that really cares about the people and the well being of it’s customers. Would recommend to anyone even my grandma and little cousins back home. 

David Best

I love these products! I am currently pregnant suffering from sciatic nerve pain and hand swelling/cramps.
Being pregnant limits me to what I can take for pain management but after doing research and being educated by Remedy Plus, I was confident in trusting these products as a holistic measure.

Eating the gummies has helped me with my sciatic nerve pain. I felt the different right away.
Using the lotion on my hands and feet also helped with me swelling and pain. 

Sabrina Rosiles

RemedyPlus is my go to brand! When I get a migraine I use the tincture and within minutes its gone. My favorite part is that it dosen't have a earthy taste to it so that within its self is a plus. Whenever my hands cramp or I have shoulder &neck pain I reach for the soothing pain spray for instant relief and the aroma therapy oils in it is definitely a plus. My favorite part about this product is that it's fast drying. My holy grail for this brand is definitely the moisturizer I use this product on my face morning and night, I have dry skin and occasional eczema flare up so I have to be careful on what I put on my face and since using this moisturizer my face feels amazing . 

Gaby Ruiz

I have Fibromyalgia which is constant chronic pain. Someone told me about Remedy Plus and the balm pain relief. OMG, I always keep one in my purse. It greatly improved my mobility. Also the textures reduced my headaches. The products are life changing for me.

Sherry Hunter

Best cbd product I've used. I fell down and hurt my knee. I applied the balm on my knee and I was very surprised as to how quickly I started feeling better. Highly recommended!! 

Big Nick

I have tried just about every product from this company and they are all so good and effective. My immune system has picked up and my aches and pains have gone away. The cream is awesome! I’d rather use it as a moisturizer than spend an arm and a leg at the makeup counter. 

Michelle Reyes

Love these products, I am a Veteran who suffers from PTSD and arthritis. CBD is a wonderful product. I tell all my fellow Veterans and they love Remedy plus products as well. Keep up the great work guys. 

Nate Canady

Most Definitely my preferred choice when it comes to edibles. The quality effectively gets me that deep sleep that I desperately need for recovery from my laborious job. I’m always recommending it to people who could use it. 

Martin Torres




Jenny Suarez Testimonial

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