Remedy Plus Partners with Hope Tree Village

LOS ANGELES, California -- Remedy Plus, a California-based subsidiary of Time Exchange Investments Inc., has entered into a partnership agreement with Hope Tree Village LLC, a project focused on supporting the underserved “Sandwich Caregiver” population.  The partnership aims to educate the Hope Tree Village audience on the benefits of CBD and offer Remedy Plus CBD products to the Sandwich Caregivers at a discounted rate.

Remedy Plus understands that one in ten Americans deal with pain daily.  More importantly, they recognize both the direct and indirect impact that pain has on a family’s quality time and life balance.  Remedy Plus’ quality products are manufactured in California, USA and designed to celebrate relief and bring families back together.

“Multi-generational families today are looking for natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals to improve their quality of life and deal with pain.  We initially designed these products to assist my Grandmother, who suffered from pain due to various ailments,” shared Tekoah Kadara, Founder and CEO of Remedy Plus. “Our partnership with Hope Tree Village is integral to sharing our products with those living through similar stories.  We know that our products will help Sandwich Caregivers daily and bring balance back into their lives.”

Hope Tree Village is a project initiative focused on supporting informal caregivers tasked with caring for an elderly Parent/Grandparent, while simultaneously balancing care for their own young children, spouses or pet(s).  The term “Sandwich Caregiver” is derived from the pressure of managing each “side” of their family.  According to Desiree Patterson and Bibi Negrete, Co-Founders of Hope Tree Village, “This underserved population of Caregivers represents about 11 million Americans nationwide.  Our project barely scratches the surface in establishing awareness and providing support services for our fellow Caregivers.  We are excited to welcome Remedy Plus to the Village!”

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, roughly “a third of sandwich caregivers report a high level of emotional stress and a fifth of these caregivers report a high level of financial and physical strain.”  The support services through Hope Tree Village focusing on self-care and reducing caregiver stress by collecting pertinent blogs, recipes, discounts and products such as Remedy Plus CBD, all aim to bring these percentages down.  “We are not medical professionals,” shared Negrete and Patterson.  “We are informal caregivers ourselves and we wished something like Hope Tree Village was available to us when our family situations manifested these roles.”

About Hope Tree Village

Hope Tree Village, LLC is based in Orange County, CA. and focused on delivering support services to informal Caregivers.  Co-founders Desiree Patterson and Bibi Negrete are driven to lessen Caregiver anxiety, stress and financial strain through their collaborative network of resources ranging from Caregiver self-care, Recipes, Senior/Caregiver-focused discounts, informative Caregiver blogs, and Founder Product/Service Recommendations.  The vision of this Project’s Mission is to see the “Villagers” take ownership of the platform and through their contributions, allow the Village to grow and organically thrive.  Find out more at  


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