Ronald McDonald House X RemedyPlusCBD X GrailsLife

Ronald McDonald House X RemedyPlusCBD X GrailsLife

INLAND EMPIRE, CA. --  The Joy of the Season is not in the Receiving, but in the Giving.  The Remedy Plus CBD team was fortunate and honored to be invited this 2019 Holiday Season to donate and serve a complimentary BBQ lunch, ice cream dessert and to educate the families and staff at the Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House on the benefits of CBD.  Needless to say, the breadth of the Ronald McDonald House Mission and Scope to serve these families is only matched by the warmth and service-oriented spirit of the Ronald McDonald House staff members!

Remedy Plus CBD looks forward to a continued partnership with the Ronald McDonald House on future projects regarding CBD education.  Special thanks and appreciation to the fellow sponsors who donated their time and service and to the Ronald McDonald House Staff for their amazing tour.  We salute and support the empathy and quality of care that you provide to the community!

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