Why RemedyPlusCBD?

It's in our name— Remedy Plus products are stand-alone. Each of our tinctures, moisturizers, gummies, sprays and pain balms offer real relief and contribute to individual vitality without CBD. Our American grown, hemp derived CBD is the “Plus” in our products.

Our Product—

Remedy Plus chooses to use American Grown, Hemp derived, 3rd party tested CBD. The combination of being hemp derived and CBD make us a confident choice for those who are seeking a 100% THC Free product. CBD is also odor- less and tasteless — allowing Remedy products to be the perfect “Plus” to your daily health regiment without CBD. Our CBD is the “Plus” in our products.


Our Team—

We know there are many CBD products that you can choose from....but none that can claim the level of support and customer service that the Remedy Plus team can provide. Whether it be a question about which product would be most effective for you or a question about shipping or delivery, our team of Account Managers and CBD Ambassadors are available via phone or email. Our CEO has been known to take calls himself!

Our Success Stories—

Whether you are seeking relief for a centralized area or looking for a product to ease inhibitions or simply for your overall well-being, Remedy Plus has a success story that is real and authentic. These success stories come from people that we call “Mom”, “Grandpa”, “Cousin” or “Friend”. Together, we are family and we welcome you to join our pursuit of individual wellness and the celebration of relief!

Our Drive to Educate—

Our goal is to educate about the inherent benefits of CBD, the different types of CBD available, which products may be most beneficial to your needs and how CBD interacts with your body. We accomplish this through our Account Managers and CBD Ambassadors, as well as the support team we have available via phone or email. Feel free to drop us a line!



Relief in a Centralized Location

Our Moisturizers, Balms and Spray may be most beneficial to focus relief in a specific area, such as your back, calves, hamstrings, shoulder and arms. This way, CBD may penetrate the layers of skin and reach specific endocannabinoid receptors accordingly.

Supplements in Drinks/Shakes

CBD Isolate based tinctures provide a tasteless opportunity to infuse your favorite shake or drink with CBD.

Help with Sleep or Anxiety

Tinctures taken under the tongue and some soothing CBD lotion may help calm those nerves and support restful sleep!

Looking for Overall Well

Tinctures are very versatile and by taking them under your tongue, you allow CBD to reach all parts of your body, and may provide your entire endocannabinoid system with a boost!


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