Wildcrafted vs Regular Sea Moss

Purple sea moss is a species of algae that grows in the oceans of North America and Europe, with immense health benefits.

If you are trying Irish moss for the first time, friends or family members may advise you to buy wildcrafted purple sea moss versus the "fake" or "regular" kind - but what do all these things mean? This may sound confusing to a new buyer, but we are here to clear the confusion. In this blog, we compare the differences between wildcrafted and regular sea moss.

How are they grown?

Farmers began to grow “regular” sea moss to meet the sudden demand for purple sea moss. They typically grow them in pools, feeding them salt and other minerals. Cultivated sea moss grow on ropes whereby farmers are able to easily harvest them.

On the other hand, wildcrafted sea mosses are taken from their natural habitat. They obtain and cultivate all of their nutrition directly from the sea. This is one of the reasons they are more expensive.

Taste and smell

Wildcrafted sea moss has a slightly salty taste derived from the natural ocean habitat, while pool-grown sea moss has a more pronounced salty taste, from sitting in manually salted pools. The real sea moss has a fishy smell which reminds some users of the sea, while "fake" or “regular” sea moss has been commented on having an artificial taste or smell.

Nutritional profile

Wild sea moss has been shown to have more nutrients than farm-grown sea moss,due to its natural habitat.

How to tell wildcrafted sea moss from regular sea moss.

There are a few ways to tell the two apart. The easiest distinguishing feature is by looking at their color; wild sea mosses have deeper shades than regular sea moss. Another way to tell them apart is their structure, grown sea moss strands seem "too well organized" compared to the real deal. Fake sea moss also has thicker stems than genuine sea moss.


The health benefits of purple sea moss have skyrocketed demand. In a bid to meet demand, farmers are cultivating sea moss in artificial pools in the ocean. However, pool-grown sea moss doesn't have the same amount of nutrients and minerals, appearance, taste or smell. In this case, the organic, natural sea moss beats the artificially manufactured pool grown sea moss!

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