Our  Mission

The Remedy Plus CBD Mission is simple.

Real Relief. Real Results.

Let’s get Real.  Individual Wellness comes in different shapes and different colors.  The common thread? Relief. With Relief comes Quality Time with family and loved ones.  With Relief comes Balance, to tackle whatever challenges come daily. With Relief comes Better, in every aspect of the word. And who doesn’t want better?

Remedy Plus CBD is dedicated to the Pursuit of Individual Wellness and the Celebration of Relief.

By focusing on quality ingredients and utilizing only American Grown Hemp, Remedy Plus is able to achieve our mission through education, CBD industry engagement and the real results of our Remedy Plus CBD family.


Who is Remedy Plus CBD? 

Based in sunny Southern California, our Remedy Plus CBD family resembles many modern-day families.  A family meshed with different personalities, a variety of cultures and backgrounds, and passionate professionals who each bring with them unique strengths – from our Advisory Board to our CBD Hemp experts, and all the way to the folks that package our CBD products together.

The quality and cohesion of our Remedy Plus CBD family is a reflection of our leadership.  Our Leadership Team is dedicated, passionate and relentless in their pursuit for Individual Wellness for each and every Remedy Plus CBD customer.  Once a customer joins the Remedy Plus CBD family, that customer is home, because family is forever.